Tangerine Haze

$6 - $9 / gram

Tangerine Haze

$6 - $9 / gram

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Sudden increase in cerebral activity of thoughts and concepts


Energy needed to accomplish analytical tasks and mundane chores


Mental clarity can sustain focus for those with attention deficit disorders


Unlikely to weigh users down with couchlock


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Hybrid (Sativa 60% / Indica 40%)

THC 21%

Tangerine Haze is a delicious Sativa-dominant hybrid with buzzy, thoughtful effects. Originally bred in the Netherlands, this tasty bud was conceived as a cross between G13 Haze and regional favorite NYC Diesel. What results is a strain with a complex citrus flavor and the kind of high-flying effects that fans of the Haze family have come to appreciate.

Like many other strong Sativas, Tangerine Haze hits quickly. Smokers may be struck by a sudden increase in cerebral activity, with certain thoughts and concepts occupying more brain space than they ordinarily might. Many also report cognitive distortions in navigating space and time; depth perception can be altered and a powerful sense of time dilation may set in. Once adjusted to this new mindset, though, smokers find that they are endowed with the energy needed to accomplish a day’s worth of responsibilities, ranging from analytical, work-related tasks to mundane chores.

Fortunately, Tangerine Haze’s sense of focus persists for the duration of the high, maximizing the strain’s payoff. As time passes, a subtle physical high can creep in, relieving muscular tension and calming down any minds that may have become overly active. This strain is unlikely to weigh users down with couchlock unless the dosage is drastically increased. In fact, Tangerine Haze’s ideal combination of mental and physical stimulation makes it a good all-purpose enhancement for activities that involve the full body and brain coordination, like exercising and playing video games. Because of its active, productive vibes, this is one strain that’s daytime-appropriate. It can be an excellent wake-and-bake contribution to your breakfast spread.

Tangerine Haze’s buzzy properties can also have many benefits for medical cannabis patients. Its mental clarity and lucidity can sustain focus for those with attention deficit disorders. It can also help those with mild to moderate cases of stress and depression to live in the moment and spend their time more consciously and intentionally. Physiologically speaking, Tangerine Haze may numb mild everyday irritations like headaches and nausea.

Tangerine Haze is both an all-purpose and all-day strain that’s sure to impress cannabis veterans and newcomers alike. Its outstanding flavor and aroma are reason enough to give this bud a try.

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