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Our Journey

Our menu gives you an overview of our product categories and desired moods. From here you can niche down to the product type or category that best suits your wants. Toggle mood, category, or search to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.

Once you have filled your cart with the goodies that meet the minimum requirements, you can begin the secure checkout. The cart page is also where you will be able to add any coupon codes.

In the information page you will be asked to fill in your personal details, shipping address and any additional notes. You will also have a choice to ship via Xpress 1-2 business days or Expedited 3-4 business days.

secure payment

Currently only offering Interac E-transfer. As far as privacy, security, and convenience, this is the best of all worlds.
Why do you not offer PayPal or Visa/Mastercard & Debit?
As much as we would love to offer you more options, it is not currently possible. Having worked with PayPal and a credit card merchant we have concluded that it won’t be possible.
After accepting private payments via our PayPal account, we have been shut down after weeks of using it. Having a large sum of funds locked up for up to 6 months online is not a great outcome. Although more convenient, PayPal has proved to be less anonymous and sustainable for us and our customers.
Accepting Visa/Mastercard & Debit cards proved to be challenging, expensive, and dangerous for all parties involved. After months of research we found only a handful of oversea merchants that would work with us. However, only having “high-risk” merchant options would result in additional fees we would have to pass on to our customers (up to 9%) and uncertainty of security. Not to mention people being arrested at the boarder of USA due to their credit card bud purchase history. Extra sales and convenience are never worth the risk.

Discreet Delivery

Once we receive the payment, our team will begin processing your your order. We use state of the art smell proof sealed packaging for your bud and edibles. The discreet grey box is layered with extra internal wrap to prevent any movement or detection. We take security and privacy very seriously and take extra care prepping each and every order. Your package will prepared and shipped via Canada Post within 12-24 hours of receiving the payment. Every step of the way, from prep to delivery, you will be notified via email. At first by us about the status of your “on-hold” and “processing” order. Then by Canada Post about the status of your shipping and delivery. At any point in the process we will be available to answer any and all questions you may have.
Your package will be delivered to your door. If you share your household, you can request a specific person to sign for it. If you’re not at home, the delivery man will leave a pick up ticket. You will be able to pick it up at your closest Canada Post office.


We are located in Toronto, Ontario.

We do not have a physical location. MJ&F is solely an online marijuana dispensary

Email us at [email protected]. You will be surprised at how quickly we get back to you 😉

Shoot us an email briefly describing your issue. We will fix it and update you within an hour.

Yes, and here is why. We use SSL site encryption to protect your personal information. We also use layered domain cloaking to incognito your browsing experience. Any and all information you share with us is locked away in our private encrypted server and is NEVER shared with anyone.

Make sure that your SUBTOTAL is over $149. The free shipping qualification does not take into account taxes and coupons

Unfortunately, we do not. Maryjane & Finch and our suppliers are by Canadians, for Canadians.

As long as you include your order number in the E-transfer notes we will be able to connect the order to the payment. If you want to notify us via email about the difference, we are only happy to receive a message from you 🙂

As a strictly online marijuana dispensary, we only accept payment methods listed above (Interac E-transfer, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card)

We rarely get cases like this. First step is to contact Canada Post with your tracking number. Reference with them where your package currently is. Sometimes Canada Post can be a day late. Also, your package might have arrived but noone was home accept it, in which case you will have a door note with pick up instructions. If none of these steps help you, please contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

This can happen when the address input by the customer is incomplete or wrong. In these rare cases we reference the information provided by the customer with Canada Post info. If the package is returning due to customer error, we will send a new package after the customer pays for shipping