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Amazing Facts About CBD Oil Lubricants

It seems everywhere we shop there are products boasting CBD enhancements. The growing popularity of these goods has overtaken almost every consumer industry you can imagine, including in the bedroom. If you have heard about CBD lube, but never tried it, or if this is the first time you learned it exists, you may find your curiosity peaked. If you have considered trying an enhanced lube or want to learn more about what they can do, here are some amazing facts you should know.

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It’s an Oil-Based Lubricant

When we think of sex lube, we think of the water-soluble jellies that are mainstays in our favorite drugstores and shopping centers. CBD lubricants come in the form of sprays and lubricating oils you can apply with your hands and are oil-based. This means the product isn’t thick and heavy like a gel, but thin and light on your skin.

Just like their water-based counterparts, CBD intimacy oils combat vaginal dryness with its natural properties that encourage increased blood flow to where it is topically applied. Another difference you will notice while using this type of lubricant is it takes longer to work and times vary between 10 to 20 minutes for you to feel it.

You Won’t Smell Like a Skunk

We all know that distinctive pungent aroma of cannabis in the air and may worry that our lady bits will smell the same if we use weed lube. Thankfully you have no reason to worry as CBD oil is derived from hemp and has little to no smell or taste that will make you offputting during sex. Most users mention a very light herbal aroma that’s barely noticeable.

CBD Lubricants Lowers Anxiety and Stress

While having sex isn’t a complicated process, the act itself requires a lot of care and attention because there are at least two bodies involved, and they need to collaborate. These lubes helps this process by minimizing feelings of nervousness or pressure with its chemical reactions with our nervous systems. By naturally enhancing blood flow and calming the nerve receptors through topical application, sexual activity has fewer inhibitions.

No High by Applying CBD Lube to Your Genitals

A lot of people wonder about the possibility of getting high because of the oil coming into direct contact with their genitals. Generally, the answer is no unless you use an edible version that also contains THC. Combined product types may give you some kind of psychoactive reaction because your body is metabolizing the THC in the product, not the CBD.

With that said, some women claim their vaginas feel “high,” but this is purely a physical feeling in the applied area of the lube. CBD has an incredible effect on blood vessels, which leads to swelling and heightens a woman’s sensitivity during sex. Before deciding on the product you want to use, determine if you plan to use a THC or CBD intimacy oil, or if you want a product that offers both.

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Helps to Relieve Painful Sex

Painful sex is a common experience for many women, and there are not a lot of options to treat it. Luckily CBD lubes help to not only lubricate a woman’s sexual organs but increases blood flow to increase pleasurable sensitivity and intensity of climax. By stimulating natural lubrication in this way, intercourse is less painful and smoother. This is good news for women who experience menopause but don’t want to slow down their sex life.

Speaking of Climax

While CBD lubes increase the female body’s response to stimulation, it doesn’t work on its own. Infused lubricants serve the purpose of enhancing your sexual experience, so your partner still needs to know what how to bring you over the top. Improving your orgasm is possible with the right combination of lubrication and skill.

Not Everyone Responds to CBD Oil Lubricants

How a good CBD lube affects your partner may vary. While women seem to enjoy the biggest benefit from these intimacy products, not all experiences are alike. This seems especially true when evaluating response during intercourse versus masturbation.  Some found that only using the oil for penetrative sex didn’t yield as amazing results as applying it on their outer genital area first.

CBD Oil Lubes Break Latex

As mentioned earlier, CBD lubricants are oil-based, and this means it will naturally break down condoms causing unexpected breakage. Having sex without a condom brings significant risks like unplanned pregnancy and/or the transmission of STDs and STIs between you and your partner. There are some water-based CBD lubes available, as well as some silicone variations, but unlike oils, they come with drawbacks. Water-based lubes need frequent reapplication because they dry out quickly, and silicon lubricants tend to stain and damage silicone toys.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Lubricants?

If you loved learning about what a CBD lubricant is and how it enhances sexual intimacy, you’ll love actually using the products too! Visit our online store at to shop our huge selection of CBD-infused lotions and lubes, as well as some of our other amazing products. We offer the safest and easiest online shop to buy your weed online with added security for your payment transactions and quick delivery directly to your doorstep.
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