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9 Benefits of Cannabis Topicals

Have you heard about the benefits of cannabis topicals for your skin but aren’t sure how? Many new products are flooding store shelves that promise numerous advantages for using cannabis-based products to treat ailments like:
  • Backwoods – Vanilla (RARE)


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  • Muscle pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Burns
  • Massage
  • Pain management
  • Skin conditions

These are just a few of the most common health conditions that may get some relief thanks to cannabis creams and lotions. Since these topicals don’t have psychoactive side effects, they open up their availability to almost every consumer age group.

Easily found in lotion, oils, and spray on product lines, weed enhanced beauty care goods are the newest household item many can’t live without. Below are the most popular benefits of cannabis topicals that you should know when considering a new product of this type.

Treatment of Mild Skin Problems

Skin irritations are a normal part of our lives. Bug bites, scrapes, scratches, and burns are uncomfortable, and cannabis creams relieve pain at the site of the injury while reducing painful swelling. Certain salves and ointments also include antibacterial features too. Like with any product, use caution when applying as every cannabis product has a different formula.

Pain Management

Cannabinoids in lotion products will bind to specific receptors in your body to bring fast relief of certain types of muscular and joint pain. These products are directly applied to the skin and begin to calm down your pain radiating nerve endings related to your sore spots.

Since these type of products don’t enter your bloodstream, you won’t experience any drug high effects. This means you can use this product as often as you want.


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Ignite THC Lube by Kush Queen

Promising to take your sensual experiences even higher, Ignite THC Lube is a fast growing favorite. Kush Queen infuses Ignite with 30mg of top-shelf cannabis strains coupled with a paraben-free water-soluble base. On their website, they emphasize their opinion of not using products that use coconut oil as a lubricant base.

With its smooth and enjoyable texture, users say this product works great and is worth the long wait time for full effect. Because the company kept the oil balance low, it is also latex friendly. Ignite THC is available in their online store and at select marijuana dispensaries.

Night Moves Intimate Oil by Quim

A company that has dedicated itself to enhancing pleasure and focusing on sexual health, Quim Rock offers Night Moves Intimate Oil to do just that. With 181.6 mg per 50 mL bottle, this weed lube boasts nearly 40 servings a container and only needs 20 minutes to take effect once applied.

Reviews show many women enjoy this product because of the heightened localized sensation that is achieved and that it spreads as you go. Jam-packed with other essential oils like jasmine and clover, the added tea tree oil adds an antiseptic quality that many customers appreciate. This is not a latex friendly product and is available throughout California.

Combats Arthritis and Other Inflammation

Millions of people live with the agonizing and debilitating pain of arthritis. Arthritic pain symptoms range from swelling and inflammation in the joints to chronic pain that requires managed care. This makes topical cannabis products an ideal treatment option because of it’s anti-inflammatory features. By directly affecting specific pain receptors in our bodies, using a daily lotion to fight swelling makes sense.

Speeds Healing of Burns

Currently, there are not any formal studies on the effectiveness of cannabis to treat burns, but the anti-inflammatory nature of the drug suggests it may help with healing. Cannabis infused products that focus on pain relief will also help to ease some of the discomfort associated with these types of injuries including inflammation. A quality topical product utilizing the natural properties of this plant could bring quick relief.

Antibacterial Properties

Bacterial skin infections have developed immunities to many types of modern-day drug treatments. When trying to find a more natural remedy to treat your skin infection, consider the antibacterial properties found in cannabis and how an infused product may help.


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Cannabis Topicals for Therapeutic Massages

The use of massage to deal with sore muscles and inflammation is always a great choice of treatment. This is due to massage therapists targeting pain receptors to bring significant relief of muscle pain, joint stiffness, and spasms. Now, imagine using a weed-infused cream or salve in conjunction with massage therapy. This combination of treatment options opens doors for patients who suffer from sports injuries, neuropathy, or fibromyalgia.

Where to Find and Buy Cannabis Topicals?

With all of these new possibilities to bring unique benefits to your daily health regimen, it’s essential to know where you can buy these products and learn more about the companies that make them. is the safest and easiest website to buy cannabis lotions, oils, and more, online. We offer a discreet online shopping experience that is secure and gets your cannabis products delivered straight to your door as quickly as possible.

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